The inventors have utilised the latest technology to create a portable media player for the visually handicapped. The device is easier to operate and relatively inexpensive to manufacture, compared to earlier offerings. The latest offering is equipped with features that allow for easy upgrades – automatically uploading new media on to the device – and comes with audible feedback to assist the operator should problems be experienced. The player’s audio system eases navigation along with a few necessary control buttons. Advantages • More user-friendly for the blind or visually impaired • Uses automated uploading / upgrade systems • Audible feedback to the operator • Instant delivery of new audio books if Wi-Fi interface is adopted Market Application These media players apply to visually impaired individuals as well as the elderly. Opportunities • Partnership with libraries • Requires entrepreneur Development Status TRL 6: early prototype stage. Please click here to download the information on this page. For more information, please contact the Nelson Mandela University Innovation Office: ✉ ☎ +27(0) 41 504 4309