A unique turbine blade arrangement for a fluid-driven turbine that is most useful for low scale wind power generation applications. The primary purpose of the product is to enable every person to benefit from an affordable, convenient energy solution. The turbine is expected to produce higher annual energy yields compared to existing small wind turbines offered by competitors. Advantages • Efficient design • Reduced electricity bills • Durable structure with low noise levels • Produces environmentally friendly green energy • Improved manufacturing process • Local manufacturing will result in Gross Domestic Product growth, job creation and added exports Market Application An affordable energy solution that is highly suited to South African weather conditions. Opportunities • Manufacturing and / or energy production partnerships • Entrepreneur Development Status TRL 5: lab scale validation. Please click here to download the information on this page. For more information, please contact the Nelson Mandela University Innovation Office: ✉ innovation@mandela.ac.za ☎ +27(0) 41 504 4309