Growing-up: Children Building Careers (GCBC) is a computer-based career development learning program that focuses on assisting learners in achieving the right mind-set to make appropriate and relevant career choices for their future. It addresses the need for career education programs that effectively assist pre-adolescent children to develop age-appropriate skills, knowledge and the attitude needed to make fitting future career choices. The aim is to expose children to a wide variety of careers at a young age. Advantages • Assists learners to make effective future career choices • Complements other learning programs • The software is compatible with PCs and laptops • Increases skilled employment Market Application GCBC is relevant to both the Education sector (particularly primary school level) and Government. Opportunities • Collaboration for further software development • Partnership creation with the Department of Education • Training for educators Development Status TRL 7: late prototype stage. A computer program was developed and successfully tested in two fieldwork trials as part of a doctoral study. An app has been developed and this is being tested live on the Nelson Mandela University server. The third set of field trials are to be completed before the product is ready for market. Please click here to download the information on this page. For more information, please contact the Nelson Mandela University Innovation Office: ✉ ☎ +27(0) 41 504 4309