The Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre (GMMDC) was created in 2002 specifically to find innovative ways to improve teaching and learning of mathematics and physical sciences in South African schools and colleges. The GMMDC team has developed a range of innovative CAPS-aligned digital mathematics and physical sciences Teaching and Learning materials over the past decade.

The TouchTutor® is an interactive digital CAPS-aligned software suite aimed at the school learner. It includes videos, pdf content presentations, tutorials and tests, revision materials aligned to the school syllabus for grades 8 to 12, and a maths and science calculator with user guide. Critically, TouchTutor® is an off-line package (no web access is required) that includes language support in seven official languages for non-English-speaking learners.

The latest GammaTutor™ is a software package that runs on an innovative pocket-sized plug-and- play Android T&L device (called Gamma). It is primarily intended for teachers, which can be plugged into a data projector, a TV or screen, it is a comprehensive Maths and Science teaching and learning centre.

Prof Werner Olivier, head of GMMDC says,
“it is a very innovative development for Maths and Science education in schools and is set to become very big
with national impact there is also a 5-year commercialization agreement with an outside IT company in place for the hardware side of this product.”

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