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Hospital call bell
A call bell for paraplegics and others who cannot use normal hospital call bells Innovator: Heinrich Williams
Access control system
Parking system for handicapped parking bays Innovator: Heinrich Williams



Automated Guided Vehicle
A locally manufactured, automated guided vehicle for factories Innovator: Prof Igor Gorlach
High temperature cable insulator
Cable insulating material that can withstand extreme temperatures Innovator: Prof Ernst Ferg
Media Storage Cabinets
A lockable cabinet for storing and charging up to 40 tablets and notebooks Innovator: Andrew Young



Primary School career development
A career exploration tool for primary school children Innovator: Prof Mark Watson
Learning enhancement checklist
Provides early warning intervention strategy for at-risk students Innovator: Dalray Gradidge
Student Counselling Centre Management System
Captures and reports Student Counselling Centre data Innovator: Dalray Gradidge
Wellness Questionaire for Higher Education
Peer Helper Assessment Barometer



Maths and Science Teaching Software
Commercialisation of maths DVD projects related to GMMDU Innovator: Prof Werner Olivier



Even water distributor
A sprinkler which allows for even distribution of water and overcomes the challenges of existing sprinkler systems used for agricultural and domestic purposes Innovator: James de Klerk
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